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A selection of 14 paintings to share what I love about living in Snohomish, where I’ve lived for 25 years.

Cradle of Our Democracy.jpg

Cradle of Our Democracy
22X28, oil on stretched canvas, oak artist's frame

I've cherished the Carnegie Library in town, even before being on the Snohomish Library Board during the construction of our new public library, and later a Trustee of the Sno-Isle Library System. I love that Snohomish has one of the greatest symbols democracy at its center.

Winter Light .jpg

Mornings by the River
16x12, oil on aluminum, framed

Morning walks on the nature trails along the Snohomish River offer a daily escape to hear birds chirping and admire the shifting light as the seasons change. I especially love how the winter light creates sharp contrast between the white trees and the dark sky.


Midnight Work
12x16, oil on panel, framed

Progress marches on and construction teams work late into the night.

Mist Over Wallace Falls.jpg

Mist Over Wallace Falls
11x14, oil on stretched canvas, artist's oak frame

Wallace Falls was the first hike our family took upon moving here. Hearing the rush of water as we ascend through the forest never gets old.

Blue Roof at the Slough.jpg

Blue Roof Barn at the Slough
16x20, oil on hardboard, black frame

The blue hue of this barn roof shifts with the colors of the sky. Each time I walk to the end of the Ebey Slough trail I delight in seeing the effects of light.


Big Trees in Autumn
11x14, oil on canvas, oak artist's frame


I love how colorful tops of big trees grown in rows across the Snohomish Valley seem to brush the low clouds that hover in the valley each Autumn.

Sometimes It Floods.jpg

Sometimes It Floods
11x14, oil on hardboard, oak artist's frame

Our valley acts as a buffer against the shifting water levels as they rush down from the mountains on good snow years and recede into the sea. One year, I walked two miles along the flooded section of Highway 2 to see trees swim.

Storm Passing Fielders Bluff Farm_edited.jpg

Storm Passing Fiddler's Bluff Farm
20 X 28, oil on canvas, oak artist's frame


The big white gothic-style barn at Fiddler's Bluff Farm sits tucked between berms, protected from crests of the Snohomish River.

Train Crossing Valley 11x14-web.jpg

Train Crossing the Valley
framed giclee print

This giclee print is a reproduction of a plein air painting I created while standing on Dutch Hill looking toward Lord Hill. I loved the green quilt the fields laid across the valley, and the train slicing a band of color through the trees.

Valley Farm.jpg

Space of Our Own
20x24, oil on stretched canvas, artist's oak frame

When storms roll in, I love how land and sky colors mix to show the vastness of valley farms.

You Can't Be Afraid of Being Alone Out Here.jpg

Everything Grows Here
20x24, oil on stretched canvas, artist's oak frame

The rich soils of the Snohomish River Valley nurture fields and fields of vegetables and fruits that support our community and help tiny farmsteads still make a go of it.

Springhetti Neighbors_edited.jpg

Springhetti Neighbors
36x48, oil on stretched canvas

These two Gothic Barns stand so close to each other along Springhetti Road. I imagine them as friendly neighbors.

Flight Over Avenue J.jpg

Yellow Plane Over the Yellow House
20x16, oil on aluminum, framed

When the wind blows in certain directions, the yellow plane makes his approach into Harvey Field just above the yellow house on Avenue J.

Rhodedendrons as Big as Your House.jpg

Rhodys as Big as Your House!
16x20, acrylic on panel, framed

I first fell in love with the Pacific Northwest when I realized the rhodedendrons here grow as tall as your house! My neighbors have a doozey.

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