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Rocks: My First Art Supplies

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

My Dad built rock walls. I wanted to be just like my Dad.

He'd spend hours stacking boulders to define parts of the yard. I'd try to help, but I couldn't lift many. Until I grew up.

Even in the weeks before his death, my Dad was directing me to complete his artistic reimagining of his property with rocks.

I started to imagine what I might do with rocks. Surely, I could make my place look better.

My plan involved replacing our garage and wrapping our porch around. I needed landmovers to cut a deep angle along my property that could be propped up with two tiers of cobblestone walls.

Scraping the dirt away, we unearthed two massive boulders in our backyard. Two now frame our front walk and a third--with a shapely angle--serves as the retaining wall's cornerstone.

Watching Steve Bollinger artfully make the retaining wall, my Dad's direction rang in my head. I could do that, I thought. I imagined how more rocks would add to the whole effect.

I ordered several tons more rock and started what would become weeks of toiling to wrap low rock walls around the boulders, to create rumble strip down the center of my driveway, hammer in a rock patio, and add some giant rock steps.

I love it.

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